Best-in-class server-side platform

GameSparks now supports Unreal Engine 4. Unleash the power of the cloud to give your players a better and more joined up experience across all devices and platforms. GameSparks is the leading cloud solution optimized for games and is built to work with Unreal Engine 4.
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Cross Platform

GameSparks is fully cross-platform and is used to
support PC, Console and Mobile Games across
any platform or device.


GameSparks is deliberately architected and optimised to support the demanding requirements of games. Some of our games have many millions of players and GameSparks is tuned to deliver the performance required.

Fully Extensible

You can use the social and monetisation features already developed by GameSparks or build your own.  Whatever your requirements – GameSparks offers you a fully extensible platform to implement the server-side functionality you need as you need it.

Easy to Integrate

Integration with GameSparks is straightforward and can be done in 3 steps. Step 1: Register for free using the form above which will take you thru to our simple registration process. Step 2: Download the Unreal SDK from the support area of the Portal once you have registered and gained access.  Step 3: Integrate the SDK with Unreal following the documentation provided.

Get Going in 3 steps

Broad Compatibility. Cross-Platform.