• Build a Community

    Heighten existing and forge new relationships between multiple players to produce a collaborative game-play experience.

  • Deepen Collective Engagement

    GameSparks teams enable you to implement your own friends lists or in-game 'clans' and use these to drive social engagement.

  • Drive Competition

    Build team-based challenges and combine with achievements to set clans to battle against each other and earn individual awards.

Key features

Define Bespoke Rules

Create multiple team types and define ways of grouping players based on your own rules. These can then be used for all social requests including team-based leaderboards.

Team-Based Leaderboards

Produce team-based leaderboards to forge a social community and drive competition between a wider cohort.

Team Achievements

See players progress and attain awards as team, earning achievements from challenges as a collaborative.

Team/Clan/Party Chat

Use GameSparks to facilitate group communication, allowing players to build relationships and create strategies within clan-based games, as well as their submit scores as a team.

Who uses GameSparks?