• Create Custom Segments

    Create the segments you need and add values to those segments. Assign segment/value pairs to your players to define the segments they’ll belong to.

  • Segment for Social Integrations

    Segment your players against the social integrations in your game—players with different locations could have segments which socially connect them to different versions of an app or game on Facebook or Twitter

  • Segment Configurables

    Segment many of the configurables used in your game, such as virtual goods and achievement and including game currencies, to deliver different player experiences of these in your game.

Key features

Segment Queries

Build segment queries to define the precise rules that will determine which players are subjected to a specific segmentation of common game configurables, such as leaderboards and virtual goods.

Differentiate Player Experience

Use your segment queries to segment common game configurables and differentiate player experience—define alternative virtual goods costs by segment or alternative criteria for gaining achievements.

Property Segmentation

Exploit an extra dimension for differentiating player experience by creating custom JSON configurations as properties, attach these to leaderboards, achievements, and virtual goods and then segment these properties.

Who uses GameSparks?