Roles & Permissions

  • Collaborator Groups

    Create groups for the collaborator users you want to add to your game—collaborators must belong to at least one group.

  • Group Permissions

    Define sets of read/write permissions for each group to control just which areas of the platform you grant access to your game collaborators.

  • Screen Permissions

    Refine your group access permissions further for screens and snippets for tight control over just what collaborator users can see and work with in the Manage section.

Key features

Configure User Groups

Add a user group and quickly configure read/write permissions to exert fine-grained control over access across the platform for any game collaborators you assign to that group.

Game Collaborators

From Game Overview, quickly add collaborators to your game and assign to groups—collaborators automatically receive an invite to your game and inherit the read/write permissions you’ve configured for their groups.

Game Ownership

Quickly switch ownership of your game to a collaborator—the new game owner acquires full ownership of the game regardless of the permissions they had through the user group they’d been assigned to as a collaborator.

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