Real-Time Multiplayer

  • Lightweight and Dynamic

    The GameSparks Real-Time SDK is lightweight and dynamic and is designed to manage packets to support multiplayer network contexts by sending game data as efficiently as possible.

  • Low Latency

    Combine our low latency socket server with globally distributed host server locations to support high throughput, low transmission sizes and reduce latency issues.

  • Breadth and Flexibility

    Keep complete control over what is sent and received with our versatile real-time SDK, which gives you tight control over what you send and how you wish to send it.

Key features

Rapidly Match Players

Build multiplayer game instances for any room-based multiplayer game. Group players based on your own rules to play against each other in a fast and flawless way.

Create Player Lobbies

Systematically check players into a lobby and search for available Matches with eligible players to create an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Real-Time Chat Services

Implement peer-to-peer chat systems to facilitate collaborative play and allow players to forge social relationships.


Select the appropriate region from any of our globally distributed cloud-hosted clusters to guarantee low latency and increase your game's speed and performance for real-time play.

Host Server Support

A dedicated host server for handling communications between players in the selected game region supports higher player numbers than traditional PvP models.

Real-Time API

Use the GameSparks Real-Time API to deal with all network communication between players in the same game session on your behalf.


Define your own rules for real-time Matches and let GameSparks do the heavy lifting to automatically assign and initiate a match between players, all based on your pre-defined matching criteria.

Drop In/Drop Out Matching

Configure player lists to not remain fixed after a match is made, allowing eligible players to be added or removed from a match throughout a running session.

Configure Manual Matches

Maintain control by using custom mechanisms that are based upon your own rules to complete the joining and initiating of pending real-time matches.

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