Real-Time Multiplayer

  • Lightweight and Dynamic

    The GameSparks Real-Time SDK is both lightweight and dynamic - designed to support multiplayer network contexts by sending game data as efficiently as possible.

  • Low Latency

    Combine our low latency socket server with globally distributed host server locations to support high throughput, low transmission sizes and reduce latency issues.

  • Breadth and Flexibility

    keep complete control over what is sent and received with our malleable real-time SDK. Use this versatility to determine what you send and how you wish to send it.

Key features

Rapidly Match Players

Build multiplayer game instances for any room based multiplayer game. Group players based on your own rules to play against each other in a fast and flawless way.

Create Player Lobbies

Systematically check players into a lobby and search for available Matches with eligible players to create an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Real-Time Chat Services

Implement peer-to-peer chat systems to facilitate collaborative play, allowing players to forge social relationships.


Select any of our globally distributed cloud hosted clusters to become closer to your players, guarantee low latency and increase your game's speed and performance.


Define your own rules for Matches and let GameSparks do the heavy lifting to automatically assign and initiate a match between players.

Dynamic Scalability

GameSparks IaaS deployment is tried and tested, offering a dynamically scalable cloud-based capacity to let you enjoy peace of mind in fast paced environments, scaling automatically with demand from zero to millions of concurrent players.

Real-Time API

Use the GameSparks Real-Time API to deal with all of the network communication between players in the same game session on your behalf.

Drop In/Drop Out Matching

Configure player lists to not remain fixed after a match is made, allowing eligible players to be added or removed from a match throughout a running session.

Configure Manual Matches

Maintain control by using custom mechanisms that are based upon your own rules to complete the joining and initiating of pending matches.

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