Player Management

  • Management Screens

    Import our pre-built and user friendly management screens from the screens library for editing and managing player details and leaderboard entries.

  • Customized Dashboards

    Quickly build powerful custom analytics dashboards to record and visualize player activity—track new player registrations and total players on your game.

  • MongoDB Player Collections

    Open and search your game’s MongoDB player collections to review and edit individual player details.

Key features

Player Profile Screen

Import the player management screen from the screens library into the Manage section or build a custom player profile screen. Use these to search for players, monitor player activity, and view and edit player details.

Leaderboard Screen

Import the pre-built leaderboard screen to view and manage player entries and progress on your game’s leaderboards.

NoSQL Explorer

Work in NoSQL Explorer to search and query your player MongoDB collection—query, view, and edit player details.

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