Matchmaking, Lobbies & Tournaments

  • Custom Configuration

    Build single location contests through to globe-spanning tournaments to forge further competition between opponents.

  • Collaborative Game Play

    Support head-to-head or group matches to encourage social play and deepen engagement.

  • Immersive Experience

    Allow players to join matches with real-world friends to produce a personalised game-play experience.

Key features

Tailored Configuration

Use custom threshold criteria such as distance and skill level to create matches based on bespoke attributes.

Keep in Control

You determine the rules, define match participants based on your own methods or set GameSparks to initiate matches automatically with ultimate efficiency.

Adaptable and Reliable

Match instances can be modified after the fact. Keeping your lobbies populated and preventing interruption of player experience.

Group Matchmaking

Enable collaborative play by allowing known friends to play in the same matches with browsable match instances and lobbies.

Create Incentives

Award prizes to winners by wagering any of the six default in-game currencies or a virtual good, giving your player's higher stakes to play for.

Performant Ranking

internal ranking and sorting algorithms allow tournament results to be added to Leaderboards with 10m+ entries, calculating new ranks within milliseconds.

Match Messages

Directly inform players of a pending match request to push players to re-engage and join the competition.

Create Player Lobbies

Create an immersive and uninterrupted experience by using GameSparks to check players into a lobby to search for and initialize available matches.

Display Complex Comparisons

Use Running Totals to process events using GameSparks scoring and ranking systems

Who uses GameSparks?