• Limitless Comparisons

    Exploit the capability to configure any comparisons of player performance, rank and track in real-time, and display in-game to your players.

  • Increase Retention

    Deploy richly-configured Leaderboards to stimulate competitive engagement, build player retention, and underpin game-monetization.

  • Drive Competition

    Maximize the original game-socialization feature to rank millions of concurrent players, drive competition, and extend game play.

Key features

Built to Scale

Robust scalability handles 10,000,000+ players to produce comprehensive displays of performance.

Highly Performant

Our carefully optimized sorting and ranking algorithms deliver millisecond processing of new score inputs on 10m+ entry Leaderboards.

Time-Based & Scheduled

Tailor Leaderboards for time-relative metrics at scheduled builds—highest score in last 30 days built every month or most improved in last 7 days built every week.

Supplemental Attributes

Enrich Leaderboards with layers on information by attaching supplemental information to a player’s entry without affecting the player’s ranking.

Dynamic Partitions

Set up a single Leaderboard to partition on change in specified value—have multiple Leaderboards using the same ranking rules and partitioned by country code value.

Social Integrations

Prompt authentication with all social networks to produce personalized Leaderboards based on real-life player social groups.


Promote cross platform play. Pool players for a single leaderboard's data from any player device and platform.


Trigger messaging across player groups and teams from changes in Leaderboard position to drive competitive engagement.

Running Totals Driven

Running Totals data can be variously consumed for complex scoring—calculate on grouped totals or let a single Leaderboard carry multiple totals.

Team Leaderboards

Quickly build Leaderboards that show team performance metrics not just single player scores

Who uses GameSparks?