IAPs & Storefront Management

  • Currency Signups

    Monetize your game with currency signup bonuses and enable players for IAPs as soon as they register with your game.

  • Game Assets Trading

    Set up your virtual goods as in-game assets to be bought and consumed as IAPs. Value virtual goods against game currencies to support game asset trading by players.

  • Purchase Settlement & Security

    Link virtual goods to Product IDs in 3rd-party stores—when goods are purchased store receipts are reconciled with store items and transaction IDs stored to prevent replay attacks.

Key features

Stores Integration

Set up your game’s 3rd-party store integrations to enable automatic reconciliations of IAPs made by your players in those stores.

Purchasing Requests

Submit 3rd- party store purchasing requests to process transaction receipts for stores. Transactions are automatically validated against the 3rd-party store’s purchase secret configured against your game and orderIDs are stored to block replay attacks.

Currency Rewards

Resolve player achievements into currency awards and motivate players for continued play to obtain sufficient in-game funds for IAPs and trading with other players.

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