• NoSQL Explorer

    Use the NoSQL Explorer to quickly and easily search and inspect your game’s Preview or Live stage MongoDB collections.

  • Work with Collections

    Select collections and perform specific actions for that collection, such as find, count, and insert documents. Open and edit specific documents in a collection.

  • Custom Collections

    Create your own runtime collections to store game information such as player statistics. Create meta-data collections to store game reference data for inclusion in game snapshots. Use appropriate cloud code Spark methods to access.

Key features

Manage Stored Data

Open NoSQL Explorer, expand the DB collections hierarchy, and promptly find the collection you want to work with.

Query and Edit Collections

Inspect and edit the results returned for the queries you submit against collections in a specially-designed interactive output panel. Open and edit individual documents for your runtime and meta collections.

Build Collections with Cloud Code

Create and build DB collections using cloud code to suit your game’s requirements—for example, attach scripts to save player details when registration requests are submitted and allow players to search for other players against this collection.

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