Custom Server-Side Logic

  • Create Custom Logic

    Use your cloud code scripts to create and attach custom logic to the configurable objects you build into your game and exert precise control over their behavior.

  • Key Execution Points

    Cloud code executes at key interception points in the processing of requests, messages, and log events, giving almost limitless flexibility to achieve exactly the functionality you want when you want it.

  • Cloud Code Editing

    Open an intuitive cloud code editor to quickly build out your scripts and attach to events, requests, and messages. The editor offers text-entry auto-complete for function parameters with pop-up help.

Key features

Cloud Code Power

Cloud Code gives you the power! By exploiting processing interception points in the platform for requests, messages, and events, you can to achieve whatever behaviour you want in your game.

Test Cloud Code

Fully test and debug your cloud code scripts in the Test Harness before going live with your game. Mimic player device connection with the platform under any credential and run the requests, messages, and events with cloud code to check server responses and behavior.

Cloud Code Export/Import

Export cloud code, edit your scripts, and then re-import. The import process checks imported scripts against your game’s current scripts and allows you to browse and accept/reject differences. Errors are identified and invalid script import is blocked.

Cloud Code History

Compare cloud code across the history of the game’s configuration snapshots. The cloud code history tool identifies and displays differences in cloud code and you can closely review and manage editing differences between two snapshots.

Synch with Bitbucket/Github

Export your cloud code scripts and synchronize them with external repositories—GitHub or Bitbucket. Connect to your 3rd party repository account via the platform and export/import. An import wizard compares and identifies editing differences and you can accept/reject changes at import.

Schedule Cloud Code

Attach a cloud code script to any of the system schedulers for execution of the script every day, hour, or minute—extremely useful if, for example, you want to clear out some of the data collected against a leaderboard in your game every day.

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