Currencies & Virtual Goods

  • Personalise Player Experience

    Segment players by custom attributes such as region or country to offer a tailor-made game session with custom virtual goods values, awarded currencies and much more.

  • Reward Engagement

    Offer incentive and reward players by gifting up to 6 different currencies or a virtual good for continued progression and engagement.

  • Iterative Optimization

    Create, alter and launch any meta-game tweaks to economies and in-game stores in real-time, without pushing any updates to player's devices.

Key features


Manage up to 6 different in-game currencies (including XP). Use currencies to reward players for achievements within the game and create trading systems.

Offer In-Game Benefits

Use virtual goods and currencies to enable players to customise their game environment as well as increase their competitive edge against rivals.

Reward Progression

Build highly configurable achievements systems to reward players for accomplishing tasks throughout the game.

Cross Platform

Manage inventory lists across all stores, making product and pricing changes in real-time without pushing updates to player devices, all from one manageable user interface.

Monetize Players

GameSparks In App Purchase management is completely cross platform and integrates with the Android, Apple, PSN and XBOX stores out of the box.

Test and Configure

Maintain peace of mind and check any changes to economy systems using the powerful GameSparks Test Harness and debugger to mimic a player's live device.

Track, Analyse and Hypothesise

Build custom analytics dashboards to track player behaviour, identify patterns in spending players and iterate meta-game changes in real-time to optimize monetization rates.

Who uses GameSparks?