• Team Chat

    Allow players joining teams to immediately send chat messages to their team members and enjoy collaborative gaming.

  • Customized Chat

    Build customized chat windows into your real-time game, which your players can use to chat while engaged in matches, challenges, or team tournaments.

  • Challenge Chat

    Allow players who join a challenge to send messages to all other players in the challenge and benefit from fully interactive game play.

Key features

Cross-Platform Chat

Messaging is implemented cross-platform and is neutral as to client device—chat messages will propagate reliably between players who may be gaming on different client devices.

Promote Team Chat

Exploit listeners in our SDKs to have chat messages sent to all team members to inform on team details and new members joining.

Chat Message Listeners

Use listeners to track the key stages of matches and challenges so that involved players are sent message notifications and kept right up to date as play unfolds.

Who uses GameSparks?