Challenges & Turn-Based Multiplayer

  • Customize Completely

    Configure custom Challenges to control the duration and scope of multiplayer sessions — from 60 second PvP battles to week-long global tournaments involving hundreds of players.

  • Synergistic Experience

    Support immersive and collaborative gaming experiences using GameSparks Challenges and turn-based multiplayer to inspire player partnerships and rivalries.

  • Control Participation

    Build Matches with precise participation control—use segmentation to match players with shared attributes, such as common location or skill level.

Key features

Custom Matchmaking

Use custom mechanisms to fine-tune Matchmaking—you can match players strictly or loosely with the required degree of precision to ensure players are evenly matched.

Match Variety

Support one-to-one battles through to globe-spanning tournaments to increase engagement amongst an unlimited number of concurrent players.

Display Performance

Challenge outcomes can be defined by a designated Leaderboard or Cloud Code script and displayed to players in any way you see fit.

Reward Player Engagement

Reward players for in-game accomplishments by awarding prizes based on the completion or winning of Challenges they accept.

Achievement-Based Challenges

Configure Challenges as 'first to achieve'. Winners will be the first to complete a selected goal or mission.

Match-Based Challenges

Use a combination of Matchmaking and Challenge functionality to privately join players with predefined criteria based on their skill level.

Score-Based Challenges

Quickly configure Challenge outcomes to be determined by highest or lowest score depending on what scores represent in your game's context.

Turn/Attempt Consumers

Define turn-based Challenges (or Challenges with a maximum attempt set) to have turns or attempts consumed by any Event.

Verify Multiplayer Configuration

Run your Challenge and turn-based multiplayer configuration through the GameSparks Test Harness to mimic a live device and guarantee the right experience for your players.

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