Binary Asset Management

  • Create Downloadable Content

    Upload binary content into the platform and assign a short code to it to create downloadable content—useful for storing images/logos server-side that you want to include in your game.

  • Access Downloadables

    Use the GetDownLoadable request to obtain a secure URL to allow your game to download content stored on the GameSparks platform.

  • Downloadables and Cloud Code

    Access downloadable content using cloud code calling the SparkFiles object.

Key features

Upload & Manage Content

Upload content to the platform—browse for the binary files you want to upload and track upload progress. Give the content as short code and manage this content as downloadables stored on the platform.

Manually Access Downloadables

Manually access a downloadable by referencing its short code in cloud code—use the secure, time-sensitive URL returned in the GetDownloadableResponse to download content from the platform.

API Downloadables Request

Use the GetDownloadableRequest through the API to allow your game to download content stored on the platform.

Who uses GameSparks?