• Monitor Player Activity

    Analytics overview graphs trace the most common requirements for monitoring player interaction with your game—Average Session Duration, Retention % by Day for last 30 days, and so on.

  • Performance Analytics

    Review graphs tracing performance metrics for your game on the GameSparks platform, such as average API request response times or average bandwidth per player.

  • API Stream Analytics

    Build custom queries against the API calls that have been made into the platform from your game. Data returned for your queries is displayed in easy-to-use charts.

Key features

Analytics Overview

Monitor player activity and game performance across multiple metrics. A custom tab traces data for analytics requests made into the platform and you can export any of your game’s analytics collections as JSON text files.

Custom Analytics

Build custom analytics dashboards to suit your special needs for monitoring game activities. Define precise query rules to gather just the data you want to use for building the charts that populate your dashboards.

Query API Calls

Use the API Stream query builder to define rules for searching and displaying data results for API calls made into the platform by your game. For example, query and display for all possible connection requests and review a line graph, pie chart, and data table for the results.

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