Achievement Systems

  • Incentivize Player Engagement

    Use achievements for traditional in-game rewards where virtual goods are won for completion of a task or series of tasks. Extend achievements to reward players for XP game progress or for breaking into the top [x] of a leaderboard.

  • Award Flexibility

    Control precisely what players need to do to get an achievement—link the achievement to a specific leaderboard event or build custom logic in Cloud Code to control just when the achievement is granted.

  • Cross-Platform Deployment

    Achievements are deployed seamlessly across all supported frontend platforms—you don’t have to set them up separately and you can use them to support cross-platform play for your game.

Key features

Leaderboard Driven

Trigger achievements by linking to a leaderboard and define the score or rank required to gain an achievement.

Achievement Based Challenges

Set up challenges so that the winning is based on who is first to trigger an achievement—very useful for games where scores matter far less than completion of certain accomplishments or goals.

Achievement Notifications

Use achievement earned messages to keep players right up to date on their game-play progress. Messages for achievements can be triggered by a leaderboard or script attached to an event.

Build and Combine

Couple achievements with more GameSparks features to make rich and comprehensive systems. Build level completion or XP progress bonuses, basic 'crafting', and rewards for breaking into the top [x] of a leaderboard.

Automatically Award Players

Create dynamic triggers to award prizes in the form of virtual goods or currencies automatically when any predefined score or event is achieved.

Encourage Exploration

Set a series of goals and implement achievements to encourage players to experience previously unexplored areas of your game.

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