Social & Multiplayer


Design any comparison of player performance, with complete flexibility over how it is displayed in the game. GameSparks Leaderboards are highly performant and built to scale to millions of users while ranking in realtime.

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Challenges & Turn-based Multiplayer

Boost player competition by adding multiplayer to your game using GameSparks multiplayer features. Support player-to-player or global challenges to increase engagement.

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Real-Time Multiplayer

Optimised for low latency and highly scalable, GameSparks allows you to easily turn your games into completely immersive multiplayer experiences.

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Matchmaking, Lobbies & Tournaments

Strictly or loosely match players in real-time based on any attribute. Set players to battle against one another and drive competition.

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GameSparks teams enable you to implement your own friends lists or in-game 'clans' and use these to drive social engagement.

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What's multiplayer without the ability to communicate with those you are playing? Our chat facility enables you to add in-game chat between one or more players and gives you full flexibility over how it is presented in the game.

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Meta-game & Economies


Manage up to 6 different in-game currencies (including XP). Use currencies to reward players for achievement within the game and create trading systems.

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Virtual Goods

Manage inventory lists across all stores, making product and pricing changes in real time and supporting complex inter-relationships between multiple goods and currencies.

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Achievement Systems

Incentivise player engagement and retention through the use of rewards and achievements. Trigger the awarding of virtual goods and currencies dynamically as the player progresses through the game.

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IAP & Fraud Detection

Our IAP management is completely cross platform and integrates with the Android, Apple and Windows Phone App Stores out of the box.

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Catalogue and Storefront Management

When a player buys something on one platform, they should have it in their inventory when they play on another. Our in-app purchase management is completely cross platform and integrates with the Android, Apple and Windows Phone App Stores out of the box.

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Live Game Operations

Player Management

Full access to player history and summaries of activity. View and edit player records and reward top players or remove unwanted players.

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Group players into segments, analyse their behaviours, and operate specific engagement strategies and game configurations for each.

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Store every action a player takes on the backend in its lowest granular form. Our fully extensible API enables you to set up and track your own custom queries. Our dashboard gives you an immediate view on how your game is performing.

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Campaigns and Marketing Automation

Operate promotions and run campaigns, exploiting advanced segmentation and player management. Create customised, access-controlled 'operator' screens to improve workflows and efficiencies.

Experiments & A/B Testing

Set up experiments and try out different configuration options against randomly selected groups of players for a specified period. Review and analyse experiment results to make well-informed decisions and fine-tune your game configuration settings for increased player engagement.

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Custom Backoffice Control Panels

Free up development resources by building role-specific forms providing Community Managers and Game Operators with bespoke screens that feature only the tools relevant to them.

Roles & Permissions

Give multiple types of user access to the platforms without risking security and integrity of configuration or data.

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Weekend/Seasonal Promotions

Operate events and promotions, and run campaigns, exploiting advanced segmentation and player management. Create customised, access-controlled 'operator' screens to improve workflows and efficiencies.

GameSparks Core

Custom API calls

Build your own server-side API to add any server-side capability to your game.

Custom Server-Side Logic

Create and manage rich server-side logic using our online cloud coding tool and debugger. Add logic to existing features using our extensive event library.

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Build your own runtime or metadata collections. Get full access to your game's underlying data via the NoSQL Explorer Interface.

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Binary Asset Management

Use GameSparks to manage Downloadable Content (DLC) or to capture binaries from a player’s device to share with other players. We allow you to manage all of your games binary assets from the server side.

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Notifications & Messaging

Manage all of the communication with your players from one backend. Set up and configure in-game messages and Push Notifications. Localise messages to whichever language you require.


Multiple authentication options are supported for out-of-the-box integrations with all custom integrations and leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Steam enable social features, in-app purchases and push notifications.

Test harness

The GameSparks Test Harness is like no other, allowing you to send API requests in their raw form to see responses for any given request. Replicate a connected device to test any game configuration and ensure peace of mind for your live game.

Versioning and Publishing

Create multiple versions of your game configuration at any given point. Safely fall back on backup configurations or use multiple builds to suit promotional and seasonal events.


Schedule bulk jobs to be ran against multiple players, send global or targeted messages.


GameSparks provides one integrated environment, compatible with everything.
Suppling a broad range of out-of-the box integrations with all major engines, platforms, stores and social networks plus custom additions available on request.

Game Engines

Platforms and Stores

Game Consoles

Social Networks

Content Management

Infrastructure & Operations

Dynamically Scalable Cloud-Based Capacity

Enjoy peace of mind in fast growth environments, with dynamic scaling, best-in-class IaaS deployment , and our 24-7 Operations Centre.

High Quality Infrastructure Management

Take advantage of an expert operations team, providing you and your game with stress-free software updates and 24-7 infrastructure management.

Dedicated clusters

Design your solution to provide added security and increased performance with dedicated clusters and region deployment.


Take full control and increase your game’s speed and performance by deploying to a geographical cluster of your choice using the GameSparks Region Selector.