Looking For a Parse Alternative?

As the leading Backend-as-a-Service, GameSparks provides developers with one single integrated, enterprise-grade toolset to build, tune and manage all of their server side components. Get in touch to discuss how we can ease the migration process from Parse.
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Enterprise-Grade Toolset

GameSparks is naturally positioned to meet the demand of enterprise-grade establishments. Our broad feature set includes analytics, management dashboard, IAP verification, scheduled tasks, push notifications, leaderboards, segmentation, multiplayer, callbacks and authentications with social and gaming networks – all of which are available out of the box.

Core Principles

GameSparks enables our customers to better engage with their customers, translating to a rewarding and compelling app and gaming experience. One of our core principles is that GameSparks is not a prescriptive service. We provide a highly flexible, configurable and extensible platform that allows developers to build and manage their projects and creatively and successfully as possible.

Seamless Migration

Contact us to get your database migration endpoint and credentials. Instructions are then available at https://parse.com/docs/server/guide#migrating to get a copy of your application data to GameSparks. Our support team will then work with you to arrange a seamless migration from Parse to GameSparks.

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Broad Compatibility. Cross-Platform.