GameSparks Online Casino Software

Power real money gaming using the GameSparks social casino engagement tool. Create real-time loyalty systems and promotions to increase retention, as well as add social and competitive elements, all from one single integrated platform.
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Social & Multiplayer

Boost player competition by adding multiplayer features. Friends, leaderboards, chat, and the full range of multiplayer options, including highly performant Real-Time and Turn-based. Teams, tournaments, lobbies and matchmaking all included.

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Meta Games & Economies

Increase monetization with currencies, virtual goods, trading and achievement systems. As well as catalogue management, IAP and fraud detection.

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Campaigns & Marketing Automation

Operate specific engagement strategies with a suite of messaging, promotions and campaign tools. Build and integrate with loyalty schemes to deliver real-world rewards to be redeemed in-resort.

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Player Management

Full, customisable access to player history and summaries, and flexible communication to those players via multiple channels.

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