Live Game Operations

Live Game Operations help a game’s community grow by catering to the users’ needs in real time. Today’s gaming market requires developers to keep up with their community in an analysis/update loop. Constant changes and events make your game feel more dynamic and alive. GameSparks provides the perfect platform to keep your game in line with its community’s needs.
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Player engagement has become the key to any game’s success. Leaderboards and challenges keep players fighting to become the best. Seasonal changes to the game world or time specific challenges and rewards keep things interesting. In addition, any gaming community will want a line of communication to coordinate or just hang out. Either way having players chatting with friends is a sure way to keep them engaged.

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In today’s market there are a million and one games to play, so how do you keep your players coming back? GameSparks provides a suite of customisable notifications and messages to update your players on special events and offers. Rewards such as daily login bonuses and double XP weekends will entice players to keep coming back. Any player will expect to be rewarded for their hard work with achievements or vanity items, GameSparks makes these features simple.

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Monetization can be the trickiest part of managing your game. With multiple storefronts currencies and consumables to keep in mind a lot can go wrong, leading to unhappy players. GameSparks makes it easy to implement and manage all these transactions from premium currency to vanity items, all on one easy to use platform.

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