Indie & Student Programme

Frequently asked questions

GameSparks is the leading Backend-as-a-Service platform for the games industry, trusted by leading names such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, Bandai Namco, amongst many others. It is provided to them under bespoke enterprise software deals and, as a premium product, is reassuringly expensive.

However, we want to give something back to the community and, we see trends towards the democratisation of game development as an overwhelming positive.

To that end, we have introduced the Indie & Student Programme. This allows aspirational but resource-constrained developers – small indies, students, ambitious hobbyists – access to the platform with no upfront costs, and with fees only applying in the happy circumstance of them achieving a hit game. Members will be a welcome part of our community of developers, and we hope they go on to be the future generation of industry leaders.

You must be one of the following to be eligible for the programme:

  1. A professional indie game developer with 3 team members or fewer
  2. A student enrolled on a games-related course
  3. Academic staff linked to a games-related course
  4. A hobbyist games developer

You can use all features of the GameSparks platform, as much as you like (subject only to our Fair Use Policy).

Nothing upfront, and nothing until you have launched a game that achieves more than 100,000 MAU (Monthly Active User) per month. At that point, you will be charged 2¢ per MAU per month for every player above that 100,000 threshold.

Essentially GameSparks is free unless and until you achieve significant success: at that point we will naturally fall into a conversation about a bespoke deal.

If you are already a GameSparks customer and meet the eligibility criteria, then you are welcome to apply to join the Programme – we will apply the pricing above from the point you join.

If you were a registered GameSparks customer as at 11th March 2016 who neither i) has agreed bespoke commercial terms, nor ii) is eligible to join the Programme, then you may launch your game on our previous standard terms (2 cents per MAU, first 10,000 per month free).  These terms are not available to new registrants.

You can access the GameSparks support resources at, which allow you to raise tickets via an online tool and to post on our forums. We hope that members will be enthusiastic and welcome participants in our developer community.

Games from members of the Indie & Student Programme will sit on a multi-tenant instance of the GameSparks platform. We may make ask you to implement changes if your game is or could create a performance impact on other users. If you do not make these changes, we may block the individual problem script and/or move your game to a ‘quarantine’ cluster that limits impact on our other customers.

We believe the GameSparks Indie and Student program makes a very positive contribution to the democratization of games development worldwide. For us to continue in this support of talented, aspiring, but resource-constrained developers along their road to success, we ask that you acknowledge this contribution by adding a splash screen to your game showing the GameSparks logo.

You can find all versions of the logo plus details on how to use them here.