Choosing a Game Engine?

GameSparks is the leading Backend-as-a-Service platform for games, providing a fully featured and highly flexible development tool to deepen engagement and sustain success. GameSparks complements the functionality offered by all major game engines to produce a single integrated server-side solution that supports your game through the entirety of its lifespan.
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Broad Compatibility

GameSparks supports all methods of development with a wide range of SDK’s for all major game engines including Unity, Marmalade, Unreal Engine 4, Cocos2d, Javascript/HTML, and Actionscript. We also support other development patterns with C++ and custom server-to- server API’s

Authentication & 
Third Party Integration

Out-of- the-box integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Steam enable social features, in-app purchases and push notifications. Multiple authentication options are supported

Complete Feature-Set

Our broad feature set includes analytics, management dashboard, IAP verification, scheduled tasks, push notifications, leaderboards, segmentation, multiplayer, callbacks and authentications with social and gaming networks – all of which are available out of the box.

Get Going in 3 steps

Broad Compatibility. Cross-Platform.