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Game Developer Platform – the GameSparks Perspective
Game developers face the same challenges from concept through design & development to making money on an ongoing basis.

iterative game process

Previously, the game development process was seen as linear.  The game developer focused on developing a great concept and then delivering that original vision as a well executed game handing it over to a publisher to do the rest.

These days that is no longer an optimum approach.  Making money from the game requires a much tighter integration between the core game design and monetization model.  Its nearly impossible to get this right first time from the beginning so an iterative process is necessary where once the game has been launched it is tuned over time based on how players respond to it.

A Game Development Tool – A new tool for a new problem

In response to the changing way games are developed, GameSparks provides developers with a new game development tool.  The GameSparks platform allows developers to build the components of their game that are more related to how the game is monetized and integrate those with core game elements.

More and more game elements are moving to the server.  Why?  Because its much easier to iterate changes in a game from the server side to minimize the amount of releases made through the stores.

The GameSparks platform is a server-side game development tool that makes moving game components to the server easy.  By using our platform, you not only get access to a large library of pre-developed multiplayer game features but you also can integrate the GameSparks tool with any other tools you use to develop the games core components such as Unity, Marmalade, Game Maker, Visual Studio etc.

All your server-side functionality in one integrated environment

GameSparks provides developers with a full range of server-side components that can be added into any game component by component.  The GameSparks platform provides the following features:

Analytics Authentication Social Integration Leaderboards Achievements Multiplayer Cloud Sync Chat Push Notifications Cloud Data Downloadable Content / Cloud Storage Cloud Code


Ongoing Game Management

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