Fair Usage Policy

GameSparks operates a Fair Usage Policy to help ensure that all customers enjoy high levels of availability and have access to attractive pricing.

To remain within our standard Terms of Use, we expect Licensee Content (a game, application, software or other content that is being integrated with the GameSparks platform) to consume less than the following amounts of resources each billing month:

  • API Requests: 5,000 per MAU.
  • Data: 20MB per MAU.
  • Bandwidth: 10MB per MAU.

To allow us to meet our customer SLA targets, we also ask that your game meets the following performance targets:

  • Cloud Code: 1 second average execution time.

Where underlying resource consumption or performance for Licensee Content is above these limits for one or more categories, GameSparks may require that a customer enter into a separate licence agreement in order to continue to use the platform.

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