Creating a game with Unity

Gamesparks is the leading provider of Backend-as-a-service for Unity games. The tools we provide will let you launch your game to the top of the leaderboards. Our integrated service is compatible with all major game engines and provides a wide variety of enterprise grade tools and services. Create the perfect game and let Gamesparks handle and fine tune the management of the server side issues. Sign up with us today to see how you can increase player engagement and reduce time spent working on backend services.
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Unity Plugins

Gamesparks includes a simple to install easy to use plugin to integrate Gamesparks features with unity. The plugins and SDKs provided can be downloaded directly from the Gamesparks website, alongside a step by step guide on how to get started. Unlock the full potential of your game with the integrated features of Gamesparks backend services.

Unity Networking and Multiplayer

Gamesparks takes the hassle out of setting up and configuring multiplayer networks and matchmaking even across multiple platforms. Our service is flexible and scalable meaning we can tailor features to needs and dynamically scalable cloud based capacity and high quality infrastructure management.

Gamesparks Leaderboards

Leaderboards are an integral part of nearly every game. However, a lot has changed in recent times and leaderboards need to be dynamically updated and contain thousands or millions of players worth of data. Gamesparks allows you to design any comparison of player performance, with complete flexibility over how it’s displayed. The real-time ranking systems is highly efficient and built to scale to millions of users.

Get Going in 3 steps

Broad Compatibility. Cross-Platform.