Action Soccer Case Study



Hey there fellow sparks. Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan here to talk about a new game being developed using the GameSparks platform. “Action Soccer” is being developed by a small team based in Ireland. It is a World Cup themed football game.

I’m a huge football fan and will be trying to watch as many games as possible but I’m also excited about all the new football games coming out on the back of it for mobile devices. “Action Soccer” is a touch based game for mobile devices where your team of 3 players goes up against another team of 3 in a turn based air hockey style game.

For every win a team gets the player gains “fans” and the amount of fans is tracked using GameSparks and entered into a cross platform leaderboard so when your number 1 then your number 1 in the world not just on ios or android.

flip sports gamesparksThe game is due for release to coincide with the world cup with a follow up game for the upcoming premiership and champions league season. We are excited to see what other features this game will incorporate over time with this version and the future versions the team have in the pipeline.


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