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Unity Games Development Unity 4 Unity3D make a game with Unity development engine gamesparks server side cloud games unity 4.3Hey there fellow Sparks. Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan here bringing you an update on what’s going on with GameSparks. We have had a lot of people signing up to our platform. We have hundreds new developers signing up every day and the numbers just keep growing.

Some those have signed up with us, with a commitment to release multiple games using Gamesparks and have some great games in development with some interesting backend features.


Thousand Gears – Hover Cabs

Thousand Gears are developing a game for mobile devices. Initially to be released on windows phones. It is an endless runner with a twist called “Hover Cabs”. Hover Cabs will have an asynchronous multiplayer mode based on ghost racers. This is just one of the features they will be using Gamesparks for.

 000_splash_screen_1Hover Cabs

The standout feature for them regarding the backend is their level editor for the game. They can create blocks which will be instantiated in real time during the player’s trip. Those blocks are sets of tracks. The track is the base for the street they are building. Hover Cabs will have tracks of 1, 2 and 3 which will contain lanes, curves, taxi stops and so on. Everything is made of tracks which will join together like LEGOs.


The client side will load all tracks and props and on GameSparks. They can store XML or JSON where they define each block (tracks sequence) and all the obstacles and power-up the player will encounter when it is loaded. This will permit them to add more blocks (level design) without releasing a client update.

 Hover CapsHover Cabs dual perspective based on orientation.


You can keep up to date with Thousand Gears and their development of Hover Cabs on their website www.thousandgears.com and the relevant social networks Facebook  or Twitter .



Mars On A Stick – Unannounced Title

We met the “Mars On A Stick” team at Develop Brighton. They had very unique social requirements for their upcoming games. They have not officially announced the games yet but by the looks of them they are very interesting. They have been dropping hints about the game on their Twitter and Facebook as well as their website. Clues like “A game of choices and consequences!” and “The Unusual Suspects” with some in game art attached.

 unusual suspectsThe Unusual Suspects


“Mars on a Stick are focussed on delivering games with a strong social element. Lizi Attwood, Technical Director for Mars on a Stick, said that being able to link user accounts to multiple social networks and having this automatically integrated with leader board features was a key factor to choosing GameSparks. ”

ShopTeaser Freedom


Pavao Ivancek – Dungeons Not Dragons

Pavao is a solo developer who I felt deserved a mention. He is working on an ambitious project called “Dungeons Not Dragons”. “Dungeons Not Dragons” is an experimental indie game, set in a cartoony steampunk universe. It is a 3rd person class-less action RPG.


Pavao is storing all his weapons and attributes on the server side, spells, weapons, buffs, money, XP etc. are all managed using GameSparks. It’s great for us at GameSparks to see large successful studios using GameSparks as well as solo devs. This is our key goal. We want to make backend development accessible to every type of developer. If it is a large 100 team project or small team from 1-10 people we want everyone to be able to jump in and get started ASAP which is what Pavao has done and is doing.

FriendlyFireDungeons Not Dragons early build.

It goes to show that if you are a large team or a solo dev or even a student that GameSparks is accessible for everyone. We want every game developer incorporating a backend to their game to be able to use our services with ease. We provide a detailed level of support and will answer any questions you have, just contact myself or anyone of the GameSparks team.

Feel free to register on the GameSparks platform for free.

That’s all from me. Until next time, follow me on twitter. 

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