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update showBack from the update show in Manchester. A great event organized by the team at Prospect Games, a unique and talented team based in the UK. The event took place in “The Landing” in Manchester’s Media City UK home of Coronation Street studios and Cbbc.

Gamesparks Update show
When I arrived at The Landing we were shown to the top floor of the large 7 story building. The show had taken over the top 2 floors in the building with games being demoed on the 6th and 7th floor while all the talks took place in the media room which consisted of a large screen and projector and the comfiest seats you will ever see at a conference. I’m talking full recliners.

update seats

If your talk was not interesting then your crowd where gauranteed to fall asleep in comfortable bliss. Luckily each talk was more interesting than the last so that wasn’t a problem.


Flockers Trailer

As for the games on display, this event just shows the level of  talent that the UK have at the moment. From “Flockers” developed by the well-known Team17 which was like a hd modern iteration of Lemmings only better to games like Narcissus the runner game with a unique twist from Alex Johansson (AlexVsCoding) the quality was just outstanding.


Play Narcissus

It was hard to play every game at the show as there was always somebody looking to play in front of you but even watching the games and people’s reactions playing them was fantastic. We knew we made the right decision sponsoring the event immediately after arriving and seeing how good all the games where.

Click here for a link to The Update Show website and a full list of the games they had.

There was also game tournaments on the sixth floor. Prizes such as ps4’s were given out to the best players like Matthew pictured below who won a ps4 for coming first in the Resogun tournament. Congratulations to him


Overall the show was a huge success. We will definitely be watching out for this event and recommend anyone who has a game to show to the world should attend the next one.

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Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan

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