The Next Generation of GameSparks Reaches General Release!

On the 6th of February 2017, we publicly announced that plans were well underway to bring GameSparks into a new and exciting era, releasing our newly enhanced platform in the form of a public beta.

Today, 2 months after the beta release was made available, we are extremely proud to declare the End-of-Life (EOL) of the original GameSparks Portal, which will be stepping down to make way for its successor on April 27th 2017.


Portal2 Experiments Page

As explained in the previous announcement, the second generation of the GameSparks Developer Portal represents two deliberate and complementary leaps of enhancement over the previous Portal:

  • Re-architecting the Portal. The original GameSparks Portal was built as a traditional single Java MVC application. Since its launch, more and more functionality has been added and several key limitations had begun to show with this technical model. You can learn about the reasoning and motivations that drove this re-architecting, plus the technical details of how it was implemented in this post by our CTO, Gabriel Page.
  • Redesigning the User Interface. Portal2 introduces a redesigned user interface, delivering smoother workflows and enhanced configurability, as well as a whole host of functional and feature upgrades. You see the full overview of alterations and expansions at our documentation site. You can also watch the Portal2 walkthrough conducted by Senior Project Lead Shane O’Brien.

From today the existing Portal will only be available as a deprecated service. This allows all of our users plenty of time to migrate to the redesigned user interface, offering significant benefits and added capabilities over its predecessor. On April 27th, this will be removed and replaced by Portal2. Users must migrate to the new developer platform before this date.

As already mentioned, the original GameSparks Portal is now classed as deprecated. This means it has now stopped receiving bug fixes, security updates and performance improvements. The GameSparks team are extremely confident that migrating to the newly upgraded Portal will ensure you see significant performance enhancements, as well as added capabilities from improved configurability and the whole host of functional and feature upgrades on offer for building out and fine-tuning your games.


Portal2 Dark Theme

For the majority of users, migrating to the upgraded GameSparks Portal is just as simple as logging in – as this is all you need to do!

Game configuration for every project in your account is stored safely and will automatically transfer to the new User Interface when you log in via

For any currently using the GameSparks REST API, there are a few small steps which must be undertaken in order to upgrade to the newer version. To streamline this process, a seamless REST API migration guide has been prepared by our Senior Developer Alexandra Coldea.

By ushering you all into the next stage of the Portal’s evolution, you are enabled to build and maintain server-side components of your projects more rapidly than ever before, seeing you give life to more creatively engaging and successful games that retain players for years to come.

The entire of the GameSparks team hopes you enjoy the significant benefits provided through the next generation of our developer Portal. If you have any questions regarding use or migration to Portal2, get in touch with our support agents at

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