Technology Update – Web Debugging

We’re always working hard to bring the latest innovations and features to our customers, and today we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our new web debugger.

In the last 4 weeks we’ve added some concise code completion capabilities, along with inline documentation of GameSparks functions while using the cloud code editor. We think this has made a real difference to the editing capability of the platform.

We realised during the testing of these capabilities (along with all the other cloud code we write) that using Spark.getLog or Spark.setScriptData for debugging is pretty basic. It does allow you to work out where the issue is, but it takes longer than it should, and it’s no substitute for a good old debugger.

We’ve had the java version of the debugger available for some time, and it was a pretty interesting little tool. Rather than being a true remote debugger, it was a local debugger with Spark.* calls being proxied to the server. You could step through and see the scope, but getting the debugger working in the context of a given user was not as simple as it should be, and the version you downloaded quickly became out of line with the platform it was executing against.

So with today’s release of the GameSparks platform, we’ve fully integrated the debugger into the test harness. This allows you to do all the pre steps you want to set up the player context before turning on debug for your script.

Once debugging is turned on, as soon as a script is started, you’ll get the debugger popup. You can then do all the usual debugging niceties that we are all uses to – stepping in, out, over etc. And when you have your own modules defined in different files, you can step into the module as it’s being executed.


Remote debugging of JavaScript is fairly unusual for BaaS providers – we’re not sure of anyone else that does it properly.  We hope you like the debugger as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Please try it out and let us know how you get on, and of course feed back any suggestions you have on how we can improve this new feature.



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