Take Control With GameSparks Region Selector

This week’s release has unleashed a whole host of new features onto the GameSparks platform, all of which add increasingly valuable tools to a developer’s kit. One of these additions, the Region Selector, places even more control in the hands of the developer, giving them the ability to select a specific geographic region that will host their game once live.

Having several geographically located clusters allows GameSparks to place each game in a location that best suits the majority of its targeted players. The closer a game is to its players, the lower the latency, so increasing the game’s speed and performance.

Previously, GameSparks would make an informed decision about where best to situate a particular game by having conversations with developers or studios. However, we felt this meant that the developer had too little control, only being able to offer their opinion by speaking to us directly.

From this point onwards, a game’s owner has the ability to select which geographic region should host their game. They have multiple opportunities to make (and change) this choice within the GameSparks platform before the game is made live.

Taking the lead with this new feature was Senior Software Developer, Alexandra Coldea. She said, “By deploying your game to a cluster that is closer to your players, you can decrease your application latency and therefore improve the response time. You [the developer] are the one who knows your target market best, and so we firmly believe it should be in your power to make this decision.”

The first point at which a user can select a primary region is found whilst creating a new game from the very top left hand corner of the portal.

create game

After a game is created, the second selection point can be found, and altered, within the ‘edit’ section of a game. To do this, head over to the top right hand corner of a game’s overview page and select edit.

game edit

The final opportunity a user has to select a primary region for their game is at the final point of publication. Take a snapshot of your game and click the ‘publish’ button which is located on the right hand side of the snapshot box.


Please note that once a region is selected and your game is published, you can no longer edit this choice. If you should want to change the location of your game after publishing, please contact GameSparks support directly.



For more information concerning the new Region Selector, or any other features of the GameSparks platform, please head over to the documentation pages or get in touch via the support page.

  • Zenity

    Is it possible or feasible to publish a project on multiple regions if that should ever be necessary?

    • Ellie Lawson

      Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately you are currently unable to run one game in multiple regions. However, you would be able to run two copies of your game in more than one region. If you have any more questions or would like to discuss anything further, please get in touch via the support pages where one of our team are always on hand to help with anything you need.


      • Zenity

        Thanks for the reply. I expected that a copy would be needed, do you think it would be easy to keep two or more copies of a configuration in sync? Can you just duplicate a configuration before publishing each update for a region?

        • Ellie Lawson

          The process for producing multiple copies of a game’s configuration is simple. To keep multiple copies of game configuration in-sync you would have to add a couple of extra manual steps to your publishing

          1. Create snapshot of Game 1
          2. Copy snapshot 1 to a new game (e.g. Game 2).
          3. Choose Region A and Publish the snapshot on Game 1
          4. Choose Region B and Publish the snapshot on Game 2.

          Once both copies of your game are published, your configuration will be in-sync. However, there are some things you may want to take into consideration. Having multiple copies, unfortunately means that players on Games 1 and 2 will not be able to interact with each other.

          Depending on your needs, you may want to think about just deploying a single game to one region. Although this will mean response times will change depending on distance from your players, it will not
          restrict any interaction between players from multiple locations.

          I understand that this may not be the perfect answer for you at this time. The ability to share player’s information between multiple games is on our roadmap, so please keep an eye out for our future
          announcements concerning this.

          I hope this has shed some light, and I apologise for the long reply!

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