SparksJam Round Up – Presented by GameSparks and Pulse College

The Inaugural SparksJam with Pulse College is now over. Our first game jam was a sell out show, with 60 developers teaming up to create almost 15 games between them!


One of the advantages of having our head office sat in the heart of Dublin is being able to support the deep knitted gaming community that lives within Ireland. By teaming with Pulse College, an internationally renowned leader in creative media education, we decided to create SparksJam – a chance to give developers of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to compete against others from all over Ireland and the internet in a short but sweet 12 hour game jam.



SparksJam was created because we at GameSparks love game jams, many of our team began their game industry careers by testing their skills in these high pressure and sleep deprived environments, and have continued to jam well into their professional lives. Game Jams hold enormous value for the game development community worldwide, providing industry veterans, students, Indie’s and hobbyists with the perfect opportunity to get together, get creative, hone their gamedev talents, and eat pizza!


During SparksJam, we caught up with one of our Customer Solutions Experts, Padraig O’Connor, who said, “I learned more doing Game Jam’s than any module could teach me in college. If you’re serious about making games, even just as a hobby, then you have to practice your craft and fail faster. SparksJam has been a great experience with a unique energy to it. People playing with old phones, taking videos, talking about their favourite 90’s SNES RPG, it has been pretty awesome to be a part of.”


Considering the short amount of time available to all who participated in SparksJam, we were hugely impressed by all of the amazing games made on the day. We’ve always known that the game development industry was home to extremely determined and talented people, but achieve so much in such a small space of time just highlights how truly innovative the development community is and continues to be.


Shane O’Brien, GameSparks’ Technical Project Lead said “12 hours is a tiny amount of time, most would think it was barely enough to create anything remotely playable. I’m both impressed and proud of the games that were made at SparksJam. It’s always great to see what comes out of the pressure cooker!”
SparksJam was created with the simple idea of getting people together to make games for fun, growing to become a day to give the younger and aspiring development community an opportunity to meet and share experiences with those who are already working in the game industry. We had an awesome time at SparksJam and we hope all those who attended did too. We look forward to seeing SparksJam evolve into something bigger and more challenging each year – and we hope that you’ll join us there!


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