Rhino JavaScript Engine Upgrade

The GameSparks development team are upgrading the JavaScript engine used to run our powerful cloud code feature. Upgrading to Rhino will bring around a number of bug fixes and sophisticated ECMAScript features, providing more power and flexibility in the way you write your cloud code.

A full list of features and fixes can be found in the release notes for the Rhino project, however some of the included highlights are:

  • Support for Typed Arrays
  • ECMA Script 6 “method definitions”
  • Additions to the Math class
  • Additions to the Number class
  • Additions to the String class
  • Additions to the Array class
  • Compatibility fixes for Date, Array, and String classes

As this upgrade is backwards compatible, and the GameSparks development team have extensively tested the new version of the JavaScript engine and we are confident that all cloud code will continue to run as normal – however, as it’s impossible to test every possible permutation of JavaScript, we are taking a cautious approach to rolling out this change.

In order to minimize any possible risk, we have upgraded the JavaScript engine, but only in the Preview environment. Providing no issues are found in this environment, we will then upgrade the Live service in two weeks time, on the 24th of July.

To help ensure this upgrade is rolled out smoothly and without issues, all GameSparks users should fully test their cloud code in the Preview environment before the 24th of July, confirming that everything continues to run as before.

Please note that, although the upgraded JavaScript engine does support new ECMAScript features, and these will be available in the Preview environment, cloud code which uses these features will NOT work in the Live environment until it is upgraded on the 24th of July. Therefore, it’s very important that you don’t attempt to use any new features of the upgraded engine until Live has also been upgraded, as publishing this code to the Live environment would cause runtime errors.

If you find an issue that you believe is caused by the JavaScript engine upgrade, please report this as soon as possible via the ticketing system so that it can be investigated promptly by the GameSparks team.

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