Review: Gunfinger on iOS

Gunfinger is another entry in the ever growing genre that is the zombie apocalypse. However while some games have used this as a crutch, utilising the zombie apocalypse setting just to tap in on it’s rising popularity, for Gunfinger the setting is exactly right. Even after only five minutes playing Gunfinger you’ll feel like you’re back at the arcade, in front of one of the classic rail-shooters that pulled in so much change from eager trigger fingers. Gunfinger wears its influences proudly, harking back to the likes of Time Crisis and especially the House of the Dead series. This is a first person rail shooter that works surprisingly well on touch devices thanks to the simple and satisfying control scheme. It’s a brilliant shooter that’s fun to play for minutes at a time or can suck you in for hours.

 The game follows basic rail shooter mechanics: you don’t control where your character moves, only where they shoot. Tap the screen to fire, hold down to take finer aim and bring up the crosshair and swipe for a melee attack. These controls are accurate and responsive, you never feel like you’re fighting the controls, hitting headshots and moving targets is only difficult if if your aim is poor. You’re very much encouraged to be accurate – not only will you be rewarded with more coins to use for upgrading but the reload times on some of the weapons can be lengthy, and if you don’t make every bullet in the chamber count you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed by zombies. It makes the game challenging and causes you to think about your actions a bit more, rather than constantly spamming the screen with taps to unload everything at once.

There’s a myriad of weapons that are swapped out each stage which adds some nice variety to mowing down the undead. Your shooting strategy has to be adjusted according to what gun you’ve been granted that level. All the weapons have the ability to be upgraded with currency earned whenever you complete a level. Upgrading your weapons is necessary for progressing through the game, in fact at some points you might find your progress blocked until you have accumulated enough currency to upgrade your weapons to the necessary level. Being a free to play game you can at any time pay to upgrade anything to whatever level if you want to save yourself a bit of time.

More than anything else, Gunfinger looks great. It has fantastic graphics that just continue to show what can be achieved on the iPad. There’s not much difference here between the game you can play in your lap and something you would have found in the arcade. Great graphics and little flourishes like a bullet-time kill cam when you net a headshot make the game that much more enjoyable to play. There’s good variety in the stages you find yourself in and the types of zombies you fight too – it’s not just a hoard of generic zombies represented by the same model, you’ll have to learn to deal with multiple zombie types in order to get through Gunfinger alive.

This is a challenging and addictive game that will pull a lot of your time if it gets its hooks into you. More than anything though, its just fun – shooting zombies is the cranium before they can come and eat yours is always a good time, and with Gunfingers release on iOS it’s a good time you can take with you anywhere. Gunfinger is due for release on the 25th of September.

  • Godwin ebenezar

    Hi Team, Thanks for sharing this wonderful neat detailed steps. I love it.
    But, i have 1 doubt while trying to implement. In the “step_definitions” folder, what is the name of the ruby file that i should create? I keep getting the error for undefined

  • Sizzurp binge

    Have you tried this in headless mode? I am interested in this implementation but without running an actual browser

  • Godwin ebenezar

    Ok. It worked fine today. The solution is instead of going inside “feature” folder, i executed the file outside “feature” folder. Like this – K:Cucumber>cucumber features/findGameSparks.feature.
    Sizzurp, No i have not tried headless mode. That’s my next plan. 🙂

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