Redis 3.2 Upgrade

The GameSparks development team is upgrading our Redis implementation to version 3.2 to take full advantage of the performance improvements and bug fixes this version brings over version 3.0.

For full details of the features and fixes in 3.2, please see the Redis Release Notes for 3.2.9.

Although we’ve conducted thorough testing in-house over recent weeks, we’re taking a measured and cautious approach before releasing the upgrade into the Live environment. The Preview environment was upgraded to 3.2 as of last week—week commencing August 7th. We plan to upgrade the Live environment  on August 29th.

To ensure the Redis upgrade is a seamless and smooth transition, all GameSparks users should check their games in the Preview environment before August 29th, and confirm that all is working as before. In particular, please check any Cloud Code modules in your games that use Redis in the Preview environment.

If you find an issue that you believe is caused by the Redis 3.2 upgrade, please report this as soon as possible via the support ticketing system so that it can be investigated promptly by the GameSparks team.

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