Poker Heroes: Coming to a fortress near you!

Fat Rascal Games, an independent game studio comprised of 4 of the senior members of Zynga games, have pulled off the impossible by creating onLandingPage_Final Arte of the most innovative poker / RPG mash ups ever seen. Fat Rascal Games have taken the traditional game of poker and catapulted it into a post-apocalyptic warzone inhabited by a ragtag gang of mercenaries, using alien elements to pummel their enemies into submission.

Poker Heroes is energetic, wildly over the top and free-to-play. The easy to pick up, yet hard to put down mobile game gives you the power to capture, recruit and command hundreds of heroes from four factions of a futuristic derelict war zone, putting their uniquely mutated skills to the test in player Vs player battles. Just in case all that isn’t enough to get you hooked, as you conquer your enemies and upgrade your team to progress through the dismal land, over 60 badass bosses lay along the road desperate to bring your mission to a sharp and painful halt.  IMG_0079

Poker heroes appears almost incontrollable and perhaps to most it would be. Fat Rascal Games have put in a fierce amount of skill and a large dash of insanity to create a whole host of intricate features, and with GameSparks’ support, each feature runs smoothly alongside one another to create a whirlwind of excitement for mobile players all over the world.

Gnarly PVP battles are one of the main aspects of game-play within Poker Heroes. Most players are completely unaware of the complexities involved in connecting them with another for a clashing combat. Each time two players attempt to hook up for a fight, Poker Heroes uses GameSparks to go through a match making process in which a sea of various values are checked to determine whether the duellers are compatible enough to wage war upon one another. Once this process is complete, GameSparks matches the two players and their devices are connected to let battle commence

As fights are won and lost, players progress through the war-ridden world, reaching particular milestones and collecting rewards of gems as they travel. Gems are the vital in-game currency, earned or purchased by players to stack their deck by buying premium heroes and upgrade their skills, boosting their chances of survival from the waves of brutal attacks.

To track proScreenshot_2015-09-03-13-19-30gression through Poker Heroes, Fat Rascals works with GameSparks to ensure that players can see a whole heap of statistics. Some may think that leaderboards are a pretty simple feature to implement and manage once a game has gone live and normally it is, but as you can probably assume, Fat Rascal Games don’t do things by halves and with the support of GameSparks they have taken the leader boards within Poker Heroes to a whole other level, producing players’ high scores, overall player stats as well as individual PVP and mission scores and percentages.

On top of the management of leaderboards, Fat Rascal Games have also produced a sophisticated level  of in-game player management that allows players to be awarded with chips and gems whilst the game is in full swing. They are also able to manage players by banning those caught cheating and changing players usernames with ease. They can do all of this on the fly with the GameSparks player management tools.

Fat Rascal Games have relied on the support of GameSparks to  help piece together the specific server-side components of their game and optimize these post-launch. By doing this, they have been freed to focus their efforts on what they love the most; using awesome artistic style and talent to produce a game like Poker Heroes that has blown the World up, as well as our minds.

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