What Developers can Learn from the Mistakes of Pokémon GO

by | August 8, 2016

Pokémon GO achieved world domination before being officially available in every country. A mass explosion of people can now be found roaming the streets with but one goal to be achieved, “Gotta catch’em all!”   Although millions of Pokémon GO players have embraced the nostalgic and addictive sensation, they have also... ...

Introducing GameSparks Learn+

by | July 22, 2016

Today we’re proud to announce the long-awaited introduction of GameSparks Learn+, the newly renewed and expansive GameSparks user knowledge resource.   GameSparks Learn+ acts as an epicentre for all users at whatever point of the development process, hosting a vibrant and cooperative community, as well as providing everything you’ll need... ...

Data Persistence on the GameSparks Platform

by | July 14, 2016

GameSparks aims to remove roadblocks from the development process, saving developers time, money and talent whilst enabling them to deepen engagement with their players. In order to maximise every game’s potential, we are producing a series of posts to show all of the best practices involved with GameSparks, ensuring... ...

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