Tips for Writing a Highly Scalable, Server-Authoritative Game – Part 1

by | October 13, 2016

Using the GameSparks platform when writing your next chart-topping game offers plenty of advantages – off-the-shelf functionality such as social network integration, leaderboards, virtual goods, in-game currencies, matchmaking, challenges, etc.   Apart from being able to leverage all this off-the-shelf functionality, GameSparks offers you the opportunity to write a... ...

SparksJam Results Announced!

by | October 7, 2016

Today GameSparks proudly congratulates winners of the inaugural SparksJam – a 12 hour game jam recently held in association with Pulse College.   This year’s awards have been split into two categories – The Judges Choice, chosen by members of GameSparks and Pulse College, and People’s Choice, where voting... ...

10 Awesome Game Jam Success Stories

by | September 19, 2016

  Back in March 2002, developers Chris Hecker and Sean Barrett created a game engine capable of rendering a massive number of sprites. To test their creation, they invited a group of game developers to their offices to try it out and experiment with new ideas, thus spawning Game... ...