News: GameSparks to show platform at Ireland’s first Windows Game Jam

GameSparks are delighted to be invited to present their platform as part of a small line up of guest speakers at Ireland’s first ever Windows Game Jam on September 7th which is to be held in Microsoft’s European Headquarters in Sandyford, Dublin.

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On Saturday September 7th at 9.30am game developers from all over Ireland will gather to create great new games and port existing games to the hundreds of millions of Windows Phone and Windows 8 users in over 200 countries and win awesome prizes.

GameSparks is a new cloud-based service for games developers who want to run their games in the cloud and/or use freemium & free-2-play business models within their games in a way which simplifies the development process (by combining multiple features via a single SDK) and allows for infinitely scalable deployment and support. All games will one day run in the Cloud. Nearly all mobile games will embrace freemium and be delivered as a service implying the need to evolve over time. This evolution places new challenges on games developers and GameSparks’ sole purpose is to help address this and make it easier for developers to be successful.  Irish games developers will have a chance to see this home-grown platform up close at the event.

‘Microsoft is all about engaging and supporting exciting new startups and GameSparks is one of the strategic games companies we are working with here in Ireland.  I see GameSparks as a high potential partner and earlier this year we were pleased to enroll them in the BizSpark Plus.’ said Andrew Macadam, technology evangelist for Microsoft. ‘The thing that differentiates GameSparks is that they are developing a platform that will enable games developers to focus on what they are good at, creating games. We are incredibly excited about working with them as they grow their business globally.’

Developers now need to think about scalable server-side infrastructure, managing relationships with their players and in-game monetization – disciplines that are generally unfamiliar in the sector. The GameSparks Backend-as-a-Service platform solves these problems for game developers by providing them with a single platform on which to build their games, which also integrates with other 3rd party solutions in the back-end so that you don’t have to worry about it in the game itself.

‘We are committed to working with Microsoft as a strategic partner.’ said Griffin Parry, CEO of GameSparks. ‘Our platform runs on Windows Azure and many of the developers we are working with are building games for Windows Phone and Window 8.  The next 6 months are going to be hugely interesting for us as we extend our platform to support the new XBox One platform too.’

The event promises to be well attended with over 100 developers present. Register now at:

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