Introducing MongoDB 3.2 Update for Live Environment

As part of our commitment to continually improving the stability, scalability and functionality of the GameSparks platform, and following the successful deployment of MongoDB 3.2 to our Preview environment,we are very pleased to announce the upgrade of our Live environment to use MongoDB 3.2.


The upgrade to MongoDB 3.2 contains a number of new features and benefits. Customizable Document Validation allows you to enforce checks on document structure, data types, ranges and the presence of mandatory fields. Partial Indexes and Aggregation pipeline enhancements such as $sample and $lookup enable you to run richer analytics and grant more flexibility in data modeling, with higher performance and less application-side code.

We have performed extensive testing of MongoDB 3.2 in our pre-production environments and are impressed with the backwards compatibility, stability and increased performance.

Whilst we have seen no impact to existing games we encourage you to review your games and ensure they are functioning as expected in the Live environment. If you do encounter any issues – or have any other concerns – then please raise a support ticket

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