Mobiles to be dominant gaming device by 2016

Echoing what many of us have been saying for years now, Techcrunch have reported that in just under 3 years tablets and other mobile devices will become the leading screen used by gamers across the globe. Market intelligence firm Juniper Research anticipate the mobile game market will hit the $9 billion mark in 2016, with in-app purchases on tablets leading the charge.

I think its silly to assume this will destroy the console or PC market but it seems likely to push those devices into more niche spaces. If anything, I think second screen and asymmetric gaming will become a massive factor of success in the console and PC space. Things are changing in the mobile space. Android is catching up on iOS, Windows is starting to get a foothold – particularly in the tablet space – and control of market share is an ever shifting and changing battlefield.

Most interestingly for Gamesparks, Juniper Research had this to say – “This will happen with growing numbers of “sophisticated games, which allow for truly multi-platform gameplay through the use of cloud technology”. We believe this to be true, hence the reason we’re developing our platform to allow game developers an opportunity to quickly and easily jump into this next generation of cloud based mobile gaming.

For more detailed stats from Junipers Report check out this post over on

The data they offer has several implications for games developers across the globe… The spaces that mobile devices occupy in the world are growing at a ridiculous rate and if Juniper Research are right, you should definitely think about integrating cloud based solutions (like Gamesparks) for your games going forward.

Heck, even give us a shout – we’d be more than happy to talk to you about potential uses for our framework in your games.

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