Making mobile games more social is key to their success

Architecting games so that they are inherently more social and bring players together to play is fundamental to tapping into virality and increasing retention … 2 of the 3 pillars of success in mobile gaming (and indeed any gaming) business.

So why do we believe this is the case?

Humans love to play together, it’s in our blood. The first football games consisted of hundreds of players kicking a range of objects into neighboring towns. Admittedly the absence of referees often left the score line tenuous and the tackles violent, but there was one clear message: games are much more fun if you play together.

Given the recent explosion in smartphone sales and growth of social networking, it is no surprise that social mobile gaming has been the fastest growing media sector over recent years. Whilst many games are being developed and played singularly, we see the potential to embed social mechanics within games that will benefit both user and developer. We believe that social challenges are lacking from many games. Existing challenges are often cumbersome, lack meaning and are set without the user in mind. Often invites or challenges do not work fully and social engagement is limited by walled gardens and lack of cross platform functionality. Once these problems are alleviated the true explosion of social games can take place.


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