Looking after customers


One of the things that we’re passionate about is giving customers a truly great experience.  We see this as a combination of delivering on our product – a platform that takes away a lot of the headaches for developers, plus being accessible as a team.  If customers have problems (and let’s face it everyone does at some point) they call us, we listen and fix the problem as quickly as we can.  That’s it. Nothing a fancy.

[ As an aside, even though this ought to be common place delighting early customers is something many tech companies neglect because of the belief that it does not scale.  Paul Graham of Y Combinator has an interesting essay about it entitled Do Things that Don’t Scale ]

The key thing we are aiming for here is speed because we know that the longer customers are spent hanging the harder it is for them to finish and find out if there game is actually going to work or not.  And by “working” we don’t mean that once the game is out it lives or dies instantly.  We see the release as the first stage of a journey that might take a while before it is clear what success the game can have. That’s one of the biggest reasons customer do not want to get hung up developing expensive custom back ends.  They might have to change them anyway depending on how the game performs.

We recently worked with a German studio and they way they describe the benefits is perfect summary of why you should get in touch with us . “We fell in love with Gamesparks during the live demo we took. The feature set is incredible and unifies all the points we were looking for. Now we can implement multiplayer, downloadable content, a virtual store and much more cool stuff  with ease. If we had to do all the server backend stuff ourselves, our game wouldn’t be ready in another 3-6 month. Support is also top-notch and every problem we had thus far was solved quickly and straightforwardly. Gamesparks rocks!”



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