Latest Features Rundown

Well, summer is over in the British Isles. The autumn leaves are falling and bitterly dark nights are closing in. Many are beginning to settle down for winter, nestling by the fire and hibernating until brighter skies return. However, there appears to be no signs of slowing down at GameSparks. The team are driving forward at full speed, introducing new features and enhancing those already available to see us hit the ground running as the new year fast approaches.

In this latest rundown of recently released features, we take a whistle-stop tour through just a handful of new introductions such as the creation of ConnectRequests for  multiple social platforms and Sony’s PlayStation Network, an expansion of Matchmaking capabilities, and the implementation of up-to-date getting started tutorials.

This week’s latest release has seen a whole host of new and exciting features make their way on to the GameSparks platform, and two of which are simply too big for this showcase. Take a look at the latest announcement concerning Sony’s PSN, and a detailed description of our new Region Selector to see how GameSparks can power your game through almost limitless functionality.


On top of recent integrations with social platforms Viber, WeChat and QQ, GameSparks today announced the long awaited integration with Sony’s PlayStation Network, allowing developers to extend their reach to the leading console platform and one of the largest worldwide gaming networks.

To coincide with each new integration, individual ConnectRequests have been produced, allowing an access token from any of the above platforms to be used as an authentication mechanism for your game. Once authentication is complete, we can determine the current player’s details from these social platforms and store them within the GameSparks platform.

For more information concerning ConnectRequests for PSN, Viber, WeChat or QQ, please take a look at the documentation pages.


Last month saw the unveiling of a new Matchmaking facility that allows players to be matched in real-time, based on common attributes that are shared within a game. This functionality uses an entirely customisable threshold of criteria to connect players with an adjustably strict or loose level of precision.

Previously, matchmaking facilities were restricted, allowing only two players to be connected for a match. However, this feature has now been expanded to allow an almost limitless amount of players to be joined with new MatchRequest functionalities.

See the docs pages to learn more about all of our Matchmaking capabilities.

Getting Started Guide

GameSparks provides developers with a single integrated tool to build all the server-side features of their games, boosting player retention and monetization without ever having to set up and run a server. The platform is designed with the end user in mind, moulded around the needs of the developer to ensure working within the portal remains as straightforward as possible.

To continue in this stride, our team of software developers have constructed a new and comprehensive getting started guide, built to help all users construct and maintain the server-side components of their games with ease.

Getting started tutorials include:

Each tutorial takes users through specific features of the portal step-by-step, helping to kick-start their journey with GameSparks. To provide further guidance, SDK specific tutorials have also been constructed, helping developers to effortlessly team GameSparks with their chosen game engine. This list currently includes Unreal, ActionScript and Unity, and is growing fast.


Take your first steps through the platform, try GameSparks now to see how you can power your game.

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