Latest Features Rundown

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Festivities are in full swing, and this year, we have more than one reason to celebrate at the Christmas party. The final feature release before the New Year countdown has gone out with a bang, introducing brand new services and creating large enhancements to the already comprehensive backend offering from GameSparks.

In December’s feature rundown, we bring you up-to-date with just a couple of the latest instalments. These include the début of GameSparks RealTime Services and multiple upgrades to our Leaderboards functionality.

GameSparks RealTime Services

Recently, we announced the addition of completely new GameSparks RealTime Services designed to facilitate RealTime Multiplayer. This set of comprehensive tools is a low latency socket server designed specifically for RealTime games where high throughput and low transmission sizes are required.

The GameSparks RealTime SDK runs with near zero memory allocation and is available for trial with selected customers. To find out how to test drive these new and exciting features with your game, please get in touch with us at

To satisfy any and all burning questions concerning GameSparks RT Services, CTO Gabriel Page has written a highly informative documentation page, showing you how to get your game up and running with GameSparks RT.


The Leaderboards functionality on the GameSparks platform has undergone some significant development over the last couple of weeks, pushing its capabilities much further than Leaderboards in their traditional sense. Our Leaderboards support complex, contextual displays of information for players whilst providing the framework for many social and competitive aspects of your game.

In the most recent release, an extra option has been created, enabling you to add a supplement that will have no effect upon the scores or rankings of your game’s Leaderboard. Providing an extra snippet of information, for example a racing track’s condition, is a great way to add another descriptive layer and competitive incentive to your player’s session or match.

Previously, a game’s Leaderboard was only able to hold one entry for each of its unique players. This feature has now been improved, providing you with the option to include a custom ID Leaderboard field that allows players to have multiple entries within one Leaderboard. This increased capability means that a player could record one lap-time, and then after making a change such as swapping vehicle, record another lap-time and easily compare results in one, readily available Leaderboard.

To find out more about GameSparks Leaderboard features and learn how to implement them in your game, take a look at our easy to follow tutorials and documentation pages.

For more information concerning past and present releases, head over to the GameSparks forum pages. You can also find out how other titles such as Hungry Shark Evolution, Lara Croft: Relic Run and Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade have used multiple features of GameSparks platform to build, tune and manage the server-side components of their games, by visiting our showcase.

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