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Ironkill character robots player characters

Ironkill features an array of fighter to pick at the start of the game

Ironkill is a free to play robot fighting game from Play Motion Studio. It’s a great title for anybody looking for quick bouts of high tense action. The game is made up of fast paced rounds that require quick timing and reflexes to complete. The exciting gameplay is complemented by great visuals and a fantastic post-apocalyptic setting. It should be an instant download for anybody who likes fighting games and wants an accessible one for on the go.

Ironkill robot fighting game

Fights are fast paced and quick, you can finish on in under a minute

At the start of the game you are given a single  robot fighter, but there are are over fifteen unique fighters that the player can unlock throughout their playthrough. The Robot Fighters all look great with detailed 3D models, they are also all themed after the three great powers left on Earth: Greater Asia, Africa Union and Americas. You are then given a series of missions to take on different fighters throughout the world. Gameplay consists of hitting the enemy with light or heavy attacks and blocking incoming hits. Being able to read what the opponent is about to throw at you is key and each robot has its own tells, so learning the match ups is good strategy. Winning each match with a 3 stars requires this attention to the game, and you want to win as effectively as possible in order to upgrade your fighter.

Ironkill robot fighting game iOS

Ironkill’s brilliantly realized world serves as great backdrop for the fights and provides a great context for each Robot.

Every fighter unlocked can be upgraded, which is necessary in order to take on some of the stronger opponents. Your light and heavy attacks as well as your defences can all be upgraded. If you ever get tired of your current fighter you can keep the game feeling fresh by changing to a new fighter. They all have special abilities that define them, and their own unique super moves. This makes for an exciting brawler that manages to keep the simple to pick up

Ironkill robot fighting gameiOS

Ironkill’s progression system keeps you coming back again and again

There’s an array of achievements to keep you coming back, and your progress is rewarded with new fighters to try out. Ironkill is game that will keep you playing and coming back again and again. With fast paced, bite sized fights spaced out over a larger campaign, its a perfect game to play on the go: easy to pick up, hard to put down and wonderfully enjoyable.

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