Introducing GameSparks Learn+

Today we’re proud to announce the long-awaited introduction of GameSparks Learn+, the newly renewed and expansive GameSparks user knowledge resource.


GameSparks Learn+ acts as an epicentre for all users at whatever point of the development process, hosting a vibrant and cooperative community, as well as providing everything you’ll need to quickly get started with GameSparks, browse our API’s, and master any functionality you’ll find in the GameSparks platform.




At the forefront of this continual rejuvenation is Technical Author Chris Hadfield, who upon release had this to say; “The introduction of GameSparks Learn+ represents a momentous jump up to an industry standard end-user knowledge resource that reflects the quality of our service.


Rich and intuitive interactive features, including a robust search, will get our high-paced users straight to the information they need, enabling them to exploit the rich functionality our platform delivers.”


As well as rebranding GameSparks Learn+ and undertaking a continual effort to deepen the level of information and updating existing documentation, we have also created a whole host of addenavd capabilities:


A dynamic and perceptive navigation pane now eases the search process, enabling you to quickly reach any information you need.


Integral API documentation now includes handy links to an interactive version, providing you with multiple display options to best suit your learning style and requirements.


GameSparks Learn+ is built with the benefit of you, our valued customers and users at the forefront of design. With this in mind you can now get involved and contribute to the GameSparks community in more ways than ever before!


The GameSparks Support Hub, including the forums has also been given a lick of paint, presenting you with a consistent, user-friendly experience to locate answers, inspirations, tips and tricks, all provided by both the technical team, and expert members of the GameSparks community.


A new comments section can now be found beneath all of our main documentation and tutorials, allowing you to give instant feedback and seek answers to any questions you may have.


As well as being able to offer much appreciated feedback, we’ve now given you even further control over the growth of your community by introducing the ability to directly edit each page on Github. Subject to approval from members of the GameSparks technical team, you githubwill now be able to support other and enrich the GameSparks community by offering your lessons learnt by previous experiences.


GameSparks Learn+ will continue to support users of all shapes and sizes, oiling the wheels and removing roadblocks from the development process.  And now you too can help developers from across the globe sustain success with their games. So jump over to now!



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