GameSparks Joins the Amazon Family

We’re excited to announce that GameSparks has been acquired by Amazon!

GameSparks has long shared Amazon’s passion for helping developers create amazing gaming experiences, so it’s a natural fit. Being part of Amazon means we’ll continue to grow the service, as well as explore new ways to unlock the power of Amazon to help you build, operate, and monetize your games.

If you’re making it out to GDC 2018 in San Francisco, we hope you’ll come see us in the Amazon booth. We’ll have new demos of GameSparks in the booth and will present multiple developer day sessions that dive deep into the service. Check out Amazon’s full GDC presence here. We’d love to say hello!

Thanks for your continued support!

The GameSparks Team

  • This sounds like good news…I think?

  • Vadim Bryksin

    My congratulations GameSpark! Big achievement for you! Do you know what will be the future of GS? Merge with Lumberyard? Or any other interesting plans?

  • Athar Rajpoot


  • Zack Haynie

    Wasnt this news like 6 months ago? Either way, excited to see how this merge benefits your customers as game developers.

  • Jordan Parsons

    Hopefully with the powerhouse that Amazon is, you’ll fix the iOS UE4 integration issues (constant crashes when using basic GameSparks within UE4 iOS deployment). Amazon has a pretty good track record with integration, so if it’s an Apple issue like you all said in previous support tickets, then having Amazon speaking with Apple is a pretty good hand to play, to get them to fix the issue on their end.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Jordan,

      Can you reach out to support here please ? I’m not sure which issue you are referring to specifically here. Happy to look into it further for you.


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