GameSparks Expands Global Coverage with New Chinese Region

GameSparks, the leading backend-as-a-service provider for games developers, today heightened its global coverage, deploying a game cluster in Beijing. This enables customers to extend the range of their games, delivering increased speed and performance for millions of potential players in mainland China.china region

Up until now, the Great Firewall of China has posed connectivity and performance problems for developers wanting to run games and apps in China whilst also accessing services that are externally hosted. In order for studios to penetrate and succeed in the Chinese market, developers must publish their live game to a cluster that is hosted internally, and today GameSparks has made this possible.

By creating a dedicated region in China, GameSparks has enabled developers to deliver a game with a much higher performance and more efficient service to over 1.37 billion potential customers, tapping into a mobile and PC market that has been forecasted to reach over 152.5 billion yuan during 2016.

Having geographically located clusters enables GameSparks to place games in a location that best suits the majority of its players. The closer a game is to its players, the lower the latency, therefore increasing speed and performance.

Chief Architect of Infastructure and Operations Greg Murphy explains, “The deployment of GameSparks’ new Beijing Region is our first step into Asia and opens the door for our customers to enjoy the same low-latency and high-performance in mainland China that they can expect from our services in other parts of the world. In the coming months we will be deploying to other Asian regions to meet our ever-increasing customer demands.”

china region large

For more information concerning the AWS Beijing Region and how to select this cluster to host your live game, please see the detailed description of the GameSparks Region Selector, or contact us through the support pages.



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