GameSparks at MIGS 2015

Recently GameSparks flew over to Canada to visit the city of Montreal and now we can’t get enough! We’re heading back in November to attend the Montreal International Game Summit.O0rg0WqF

MIGS focuses on bringing the greatest thinkers of the gaming world together to create one of the most inspirational gaming conferences of Canada and the east coast of America.

Top gaming professionals from all over the globe offer a clear understanding from their inside perspective through live panels, presentations and lectures, sharing their knowledge and wisdom to help minds grow and businesses expand. In fact, MIGS is so hell bent on filling minds with experience and information, they are even hosting a trivia contest where attendees can battle it out to become the one gamer to rule them all.

An inspirational event like MIGS is bound to leave attendees buzzing. To stop the fun from ending, GameSparks is going to keep the party going by sponsoring the big VIP after party hosted by Execution Labs.

If you would like to say hello to GameSparks at MIGS or Execution Labs’ after party, get in touch by dropping us and email at

Montreal International Game Summit will take place at the Palais des Congrès on Nov. 15 – 17 in Montreal.


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    We’ll see you there then!

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